Weekend Box Office Slumps to Two Year Low, Familiar Faces Hold Down the Top Five Spots


All told, estimated revenue dropped 41% across the board compared to last weekend, with Sin City: A Dame to Kill For being one of the biggest free falls for the second weekend in a row as its sales slowed by nearly 70% and lost its fledgling spot in the top 15.

Can you guess which film was the top dog over the weekend? I bet you can’t. Did Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson propel his sweaty muscle-bound hero Hercules all the way from the bottom of the list to #1 in a fantastic weekend of glistening man-on-man glory? Did everyone realize that X-Men: Days of Future Past is still in theaters and they wanted to catch the film a second time just to be sure that it wasn’t all just a dream and a good X-Men movie was finally made in the past decade? Maybe enough movie goers have just given up on film-making in general and wanted to see Let’s Be Cops out of spite and ironically propelled it to number one? Or perhaps millions of people finally found a theater showing Snowpiercer and brought it into the top spot to give me a reason to shamelessly plug my 1,900 word review coming later today right here on MOARGeek.com?

What’s that? It was Guardians of the Galaxy again? Oh. Ok.

That’s right, Guardians of the Galaxy once again topped the list, managing to bring in $10.2 million during this two-year low point for movie sales and clinging to its first place spot for the fourth weekend in a row. As Box Office Mojo pointed out, the only previous films to do such a feat in the last decade were The Dark KnightThe Hunger Games, and Avatar. But did any of those feature a blue-skinned, mohawk-sporting Michael Rooker? No, so in reality they do they even really count?

Michael Rooker is blue and has a mowhawk, your argument is invalid.
Michael Rooker is blue and has a mowhawk, your argument is invalid.

Also to the surprise of virtually no one, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was able to stave of If I Stay and Let’s Be Cops to hold onto the second spot for the third weekend in a row. Like the rest of the films this weekend, it’s estimated gross revenue plummeted 45% and the film ended up bringing in $6.5 million. TMNT to date has brought in $175 million and has long since been profitable, well surpassing it’s $125 million budget. Everything from this point on is icing on Michael Bay’s CGI-heavy exploding cake.

The Identical
The Identical’s Ryan “Totally Not Elvis” Wade.

Just barely missing the top ten and debuting at number eleven was Dustin Marcellino’s The Identical – a tale of nature versus nurture in which identical twins are separated at birth that shows how their lives differed based on their circumstances. Despite coming in with some star power that would have made the early 2000’s leap with joy, the film is receiving mixed reviews so it’s unlikely it’ll make that push into the top 10 when the industry recovers next month and more people start going back to the movies.

It isn’t all doom and gloom for the box office quite yet, though. This is the time of year when back-to-school activities and the re-adjusting of internal clocks makes seeing a movie more of a chore than anything for your average teenager. Last year’s weekend box office at this time, for example, only grossed $85 million and $19 of that was on the back of the newly released Riddick starring Groot Vin Diesel. Heck, even Planes managed to get into the top five. So if you are a movie fan and are looking at this two year low as some sign of the end of films as we know it, don’t, but get ready for a few more slow box office weekends. The summer blockbusters are gone and we have a couple months until the money printing machine that is The Hobbit releases its third and final segment in December.

Top 5 Box Office Recap:

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  3. If I Stay
  4. Let’s Be Cops
  5. The November Man

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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