Quick Review: TYLT Syncable-Duo

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Having to recharge batteries is just a fact of life, and, if you’re like our household, you have both Android and iOS devices that need charging. Of course, you have your stock micro USB charging cable that comes with your Android phone and your lightning cable that comes with your iPhone. But sometimes you don’t want to carry both cables around with you or keep that many cables in the car. Enter the TYLT Syncable-Duo.

The Syncable-Duo is a USB to microUSB and Lightning connector charging and syncing cable so you are able to send data through to your connected PC or Mac while you charge. The Syncable-Duo is made of high quality, thick, flat cable that never tangles. You can see the build quality of the cable very clearly. This thing is made to be used and used without fear. We’ve reviewed TYLT products extensively and are continually impressed by both their design and presentation. The Duo is no exception. The retail packaging is high-quality and opening it is a pleasure. The cable itself is aesthetically very nice with a simple design and minimal TYLT branding, something I appreciate. There is nothing worse than loud branding.

There’s not a whole lot of criteria we can use to review a cable. Everything I mentioned above matters to my overall impressions, but the main use of this cable is to charge and sync either an Android or iOS device, and it does that well. The beauty in this cable is being able to have one cable in my car, one that both my wife and I can use when we take that specific car. When I take it to work I have my lightning connection, and when she goes shopping in it she has her MicroUSB connection. It’s exactly what it says it is, a duo purpose cable.

Overall the Syncable-Duo is a great product and well worth your time to check out. The price point is on the higher side but this is both a microUSB cable and lightning cable and to top it off, it’s built like a tank. You’re not getting a cheap piece of garbage here. TYLT has taken care to design and build a quality cable. I would recommend this to anyone needing duo functionality and a heavy duty cable. They range from $24.99-$29.99 (depending on length), and you can pick yours up at the link below. I give the Syncable-Duo four-and-a-half stars.




Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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