Intel Chips Want In On The Wearables Market


Intel chips want in on the wearables market. The company has made a mark in the industry in servers, desktops, laptops and tablets now they want to stuff themselves into smaller devices. It’s clear that wearables are starting to find their legs, though they are still wobbly. Motorola, Samsung, LG and Apple all have smartwatches that are pining for the consumers attention.

“We’ll keep taking billions of transistors and placing them on processors. … It’s Intel end-to-end, going from the data center to the Internet of Things,” CEO Brian Krzanich said Tuesday to kick off the Intel Developer Forum at Moscone West. “With our diverse product portfolio and developer tools that span key growth segments, operating systems, and form factors, Intel offers hardware and software developers new ways to grow, as well as design flexibility. If it’s smart and connected, it’s best with Intel.”

Intel has an aggressive plan to get their chips into everything they can, further cementing themselves into the technology we use on a daily basis. There’s no doubt that they’ve made some great chips and want to continue to live inside new tech for years to come. Head over to the source link below for a very comprehensive write up from Damon Poeter of PCMag.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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