TYLT Announces iPhone 6 Battery Case And Glass Screen Protector


TYLT today announced their iPhone 6 battery case, the Energi Sliding Power Case as well as their ALIN Glass screen protectors. Apple will unveil their newest iPhone today and what better accessory to get for it than a battery case that’s looks awesome.

We’ve reviewed TYLT’s Energi cases in the past and have walked away very impressed! This version of the Energi Sliding Power Case looks to be improved over past versions.

It’s sporting a bigger battery at 3200mAh which makes sense given the iPhone 6 is much bigger than the iPhone 5s. That should be plenty of juice to top off your nearly dead iPhone 6 to 100%. Of course the sliding in and out feature is still a major function of this case. You can choose to leave the phone in the case or take it out when not charging. TYLT also provides a secondary TPU case that does the sliding. This allows you to still have decent protection on your iPhone 6 and slide it in and out of the main battery case.

The ALIN Glass screen protectors also look to be awesome, though we haven’t reviewed TYLT’s glass screen protectors before. Overall TYLT has made some outstanding products and we’ve enjoyed reviewing them here on Techaeris. If the Energi for iPhone 6 holds up to their iPhone 5s and Samsung GS5 counterparts, this will be the powercase to have for your iPhone 6.

The Energi Sliding Power Case will be sold for $99.99 and the ALIN Glass screen protectors will sell for $34.99. No release date has been set but TYLT says they will be available in Q4.


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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