Bumpies, The Minimalists iPhone 5s Case Review

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Bumpies is probably the most minimalistic iPhone 5s case I’ve ever laid my eyes on. When the company contacted me via Twitter and asked if I’d like to review their product I headed over to YouTube first to take a look at some of their hands-on videos. What I saw both shocked and impressed me.

So here’s the words part of the review. The design is an a word, minimal. That’s the beauty of Bumpies. It allows the design of the iPhone 5s to shine through. Bumpies adhere to each corner of the iPhone 5s with super strong adhesive. Installation is easy. Bumpies makes the installation kit the package. Just open up the package, take out the installation sleeve, and line it up with your iPhone 5s (be sure to clean each corner very well with the supplied alcohol swab). Place one Bumpie on at a time using the sleeve to align the Bumpies perfectly, and hold down each Bumpie for about 10 seconds.  I did it for 15 just to be safe. After that, take your phone out of the sleeve and you’re done. Bumpies says their product needs 72 hours to adhere at 100% so no drop tests until then.


I didn’t perform any drop tests on purpose, but I did drop my phone a few times on carpeted floors and each time it came out unscathed. Bumpies is undoubtedly one of the simplest, cleanest and most minimal cases I’ve ever used and I love the fact it allows for the iPhone 5s design to be seen. While I never dropped the phone on purpose or by accident on hard surfaces, I did feel that Bumpies would protect it if I had. This is a case that will take some faith from the buyer to purchase. Admittedly its nerve racking to trust the protection of your device to four little corner bumpers. But videos don’t lie and once you have them on you love the feeling of a nearly naked iPhone. That’s the appeal of Bumpies, good protection that allows your phone’s design to be enjoyed.

I give Bumpies 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend them to anyone seeking protection without sacrificing the iPhone’s look. I would suggest you head over to YouTube and watch more of Bumpies videos, they have more real world drop tests as well as some controlled lab testing. I’m very impressed at how these things protect your phone and make it look yet I was  also nervous actually using them. Hit the Bumpes logo below to order your Bumpies. You can get Bumpies for Galaxy S5 and for the new iPhone 6 as well!



Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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