Review: Limefuel Rugged, Beastly Durability And Power

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External batteries generally do one thing for you: keep your device powered up. The Limefuel Rugged takes it one step further. It wants to go where no other battery dares go. The Rugged is a beastly battery beautifully encased in a protective outer shell that is strong enough to take the weight of a car. Let’s get on with it.

Packaging and Design

If you’re a regular reader of my reviews you know I generally start off with packaging and design. I’m an aesthetics guy, I love well designed products and I love thoughtfully put together presentation.  The Rugged has them both. The packaging is premium, way beyond any external battery I have used, with a solid box that reminds you of opening a high end smartphone. The graphics and attention to detail are great, Limefuel really spent some time in giving you an enjoyable opening experience. Inside the box is the battery, lanyard with heavy duty clip and USB to microUSB/Lightning cable. Once opened you’re presented with the battery itself. A beautiful black and grey design with a heavy duty look to it. The shell is very sturdy and you can tell this thing is ready for a beating. Limefuel branding is subtle and well done, one of their best attributes (nothing worse than an over branded product). The battery is about the size of a Galaxy Note 3 stacked 3 high. Overall the packaging and design of the Rugged is brilliant.


  • IP66 Certified! Water, dust & shock/crush resistant!
  • Dual output charges two devices simultaneously
  • Pass­through charging enabled
  • 2A input shortens battery charging time
  • Smudge­-proof rubber finish & ridges for enhanced grip
  • Auto­-on and Auto­-off preserves battery charge
  • 2­in­1 cable (microUSB and Lightning) means no extra adapters to carry
  • Touch activated power indicator
  • Battery Capacity 15000 MAH / 57 WH
  • Battery Cell Lithium-Ion
  • Input 5V/2.0A (MAX)
  • Input Charging Time 9-15 hours
  • Output Total 5V/4.2A (MAX)
  • Output 1 5V/2.4A (MAX)
  • Output 2 5V/2.4A (MAX)
  • Cycle Life over 500 uses

Function and Use

The Limefuel Rugged is made for the outdoors of that there is no doubt. The thing is a tank, I parked my car right on top of it and the only thing on it was a tread mark. This is the perfect battery for anyone who is in the outdoors. It’s IP66 certified, water, dust, shock and crush resistant. After parking the car on top of it I threw it in a bucket of water and in a pile of dirt and it still performed as advertised. The included canvas lanyard with heavy duty clip is perfect for strapping on a backpack or anywhere else you can clip it. Enough about it’s durability, the thing is a beast.

The inside of the Rugged is just as monstrous as the outside. With a 15,000mAh battery this thing will keep your phones and tablets charged for a good long while. I was able to keep my iPhone 5s and iPad Air charged for a few days using the Rugged. The included cable is nice because it has a microUSB end that converts to a Lightning cable end. Perfect if you have both Android and iOS devices, as we do. Overall the Rugged performed perfectly when it came to charging my phone and tablet. I would recommend recharging the Rugged from a wall outlet, the huge capacity of the battery might take awhile if you try and charge it from a computer.  All the other stuff, IP66, crush resistant, water, dust etc is just icing on the cake. I’m not much of an outdoorsman so the tire test, water and dirt test aren’t something I’d do everyday. But that’s all going to be useful to those of you who do those extreme types of things.


We’ve reviewed Limefuel’s products before and have walked away more than impressed. This time is no different. You can tell this is a company that cares about its product and its customers. From the stellar packaging and presentation to the design and function the Rugged gets a solid 4.5 stars out of 5. Let’s face it, external batteries are a dime a dozen. You can probably find a cheap one on Amazon but you’ll get exactly that, cheap. Limefuel provides beautifully designed products that hold up to the worst you can throw at them. I’d recommend the Rugged to anyone but especially to those who work and play outdoors. Hit the logo below to order yours from Limefuel. Oh, and in case you want some video proof of the Limefuel Rugged’s ruggedness, you can catch one after the break from Armando Ferreira which might convince you further.

limefuel logo


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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