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Google Buys Polar To Make Google+ Mobile Better


Google+ has been the social network you either love or hate. There have been many blogs predicting the death of Google+ and its irrelevancy pointing to Facebook and Twitter as the leaders with a firm grip on social networking. But Google doesn’t seem to be ready to give up on Google+ just yet. Google has just acquired opinion tracking service Polar.

While no one knows why or how Google plans on using Polar to make Google+’s mobile experience better the real story here is that Google+ is still seems a product Google is investing in.

Polar was founded approximately two years ago by Luke Wroblewski and Jeff Cole—the former, previously the co-founder and chief product officer of Bagcheck, and the latter, the co-founder of Patients Like Me.
Since then, Polar has enjoyed a not-so-insignificant amount of use and growth. According to Wroblewski, Polar served up more than half a billion polls in just the last eight months, and had a total of 1.1 million active voters as of September.

Personally I am a heavy Google+ user and the reported demise of the platform read more as click bait views than anything else. I’m not sure what Google’s interest or implementation for Polar is but if it’s to make Google+ a better experience then I’m all for it. What do you think of Google’s latest buy? Do you use Google+? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

  Source: PCMag  Source: LukeW

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