Netflix Delays Arrow Season 2 Until October 8

Arrow Season 2 was announced to be released on Netflix for streaming customers starting yesterday, September 14th. However, after fans did not find the promised material and made numerous inquiries to the popular service, Netflix amended their date and postponed the release until October 8th.

October 8th also happens to be the premier of Season 3, so fans will have to suffer through an extra three and a half weeks of agonizing anticipation and hope they can marathon any missed episodes before the newest season kicks off. For those of us who have waited on Netflix to watch the entire season, we are a little out of luck with a whopping 23 episodes to devour before we can be up to date on our favorite prime-time hooded hero.

Netflix did not offer a reason for the delay with the announcement so it is not clear whether the original date was incorrect from the start or Netflix, Warner Bros. Television, or the CW wanted the change for other reasons. Perhaps it was due to the DVD not being released until tomorrow, September 16th, as it is not unusual for studios to hold off on making previous seasons available via streaming to avoid hindering DVD sales. With more and more people turning to streaming for a much more cost-effective way to catch up on their TV shows, it would not be a surprise if that ultimately turned out to be the reason for the delay.

If you have not seen it already, check out our article on Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy (Laurel), and Executive Producer Mark Guggenheim’s interview with IGN about what to look forward to and expect in Season 3. And if the anticipation isn’t already killing you now, watch the Season 3 high speed chase trailer below and curse the streaming gods that it has been far too long Stephen Amell has graced your television screen:

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