Trailer: We’re Loading Up The Convertible And Hitting The Road For Final Fantasy XV


Square Enix is giving us another peek into the next title for the Final Fantasy series, number XV. The trailer gives us a small glimpse into the game play and hints at just what is in store for fans of the long celebrated RPG series.

From the looks of it we can ascertain that the cast appears to be entirely made of male characters. I get the feeling that the premise here is to appeal to younger female fans with a sort of “One Direction” take on the combatants. There is also hints of “teaming up” with fellow battlers to inflict epic combos (could it maybe be a multiplayer Final Fantasy?). There also seems to be a day/night component.

Hey …pull over I gotta take a …WHOA nevermind, keep driving. (img via

Final Fantasy has a long and tumultuous history here in the U.S. whereas in Japan, the game and all it’s iterations are guaranteed hits for the most part. The last non MMORPG title was Final Fantasy XIII and it’s sequels XIII-2 and featuring the character of Lightning and Co. Those games weren’t exactly stellar performers here like past games such as Final Fantasy VIII, IX, and X for the Playstation but were generally well received and were considered a step in the right direction. Final Fantasy XV‘s release date has yet to be determined but there will be a demo of it in March 2015 so we can look forward to that.

My take:

Soo umm yeah, there is a slight improvement in graphics with XV I’d say

I’ve been playing this series for a very long time (see right) and admittedly there are times in the series where Square Enix is known to throw a complete curveball at us in terms of the game. Fans were completely shocked at the changes brought by Final Fantasy VII – which from my understanding is now the gold standard for RPG’s to stand against. XIII brought some wild changes with the Paradigm Shifts and one of the most linear approaches to the series to date and it seems like they are constantly trying to recreate that VII experience some how.

What was your favorite of the series? Are you excited about XV at all?

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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