David Fincher Was Considered For Star Wars Episode VII Director


In an interview with Total Film Magazine, David Fincher revealed that he was considered for the director role of the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, even going so far as to meet with producer Kathy Kennedy about the opportunity. It is not known how far he got into the process before J.J. Abrams was officially handed the reins, but it’s clear the studio had multiple candidates in mind.

“I talked to Kathy about it, but I think that it’s a different thing from… I don’t know what Disney-Lucasfilm will be like,” he says of the studio merger that resulted in a new batch of Star Wars films being greenlit.

“It’s tricky,” he adds. “My favourite is The Empire Strikes Back. If I said, ‘I want to do something more like that,’ then I’m sure the people paying for it would be like, ‘No! You can’t do that! We want it like the other one with all the creatures!’

“I always thought of Star Wars as the story of two slaves [C-3PO and R2-D2] who go from owner to owner, witnessing their masters’ folly, the ultimate folly of man… I thought it was an interesting idea in the first two, but it’s kind of gone by Return Of The Jedi.”

Fincher, director of past films such as The Social Network and Fight Club as well as the currently running Gone Girl, is known for his quick and snippy dialogue and less so for big actions scenes like J.J Abrams. Star Wars Episode VII would very well have been a different movie had he been chosen to take on the job. Given his interpretation of the first two Star Wars films and his own directing style it’s likely that a David Fincher directed Star Wars would be much more subdued and character driven than the one we’re likely to get with Abrams.

With several in-between movies and numbered sequels being led by different directors coming down the pipe, there is still a possibility we could see a David Fincher directed Star Wars film before all is said and done. So don’t lose hope that you’ll see a Sith Lord and a Jedi in a series of tense conversations exchanging quips eventually.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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