Meet MatchStick: A $25 Chromecast Competitor Built On Mozilla’s Firefox OS


Smartwatches aren’t the only area of tech to see growth this past year. Streaming dongles/media sticks have seen immense growth from an almost non-existent standpoint a few years ago. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and now Mozilla (the makers of Firefox) are fighting for a slice of this ever expanding market. Mozilla has teamed up with a new company called Matchstick to create an HDMI streaming stick based upon Firefox OS.

The Kickstarter launched this week and the goal of $100,000 has already been reached. As of the writing of this post, all 500 units at the $12 price have been purchased, and over 4,000 have backed at the discounted price of $18. The initial funding will cover the production run of the device that is scheduled to begin in one to two months.

Matchstick Spokesperson Shawn bow had the following to say on Mozilla’s blog:

When Google introduced Chromecast we were excited about the possibilities but ultimately were disappointed when they pulled back on the device’s ultimate promise – any content on any HD screen, anywhere, anytime.

Matchstick users “fling” content to their device  (courtesy of Matchstick)

The device costs $10 less than a Chromecast but also offers some additional features that are worth nothing. Matchstick is an open source hardware and open source software project. This is a great thing to see as it ensures two things, that the project already has made significant progress, and that the developers want you to be apart of the project, and build it to its full potential. The internals of the device are also more beefy than its counterpart. The Matchstick is rocking a dual-core Rockchip 3066 processor with 4GB onboard storage and 1GB DDR3 memory. For comparison the Chromecast has 512 MB RAM and 2GB of onboard storage.

An internal view of the hardware (courtesy of Matchstick)

While the 500 early bird units are gone, you can still pick one up at $18 which is $7 less than the $25 Retail price. Unfortunately these won’t be here in time for the holidays, but you can expect delivery around February 2015.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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