Appetizers: Week 6 Of The Staff’s Favorite Apps!


Image courtesy of The CS Monitor.
Image courtesy of The CS Monitor.

Welcome to Week 6 of Appetizers! This regular installment of delicious mobile applications will showcase some of the staff’s favorites each week.

Jason Bouwmeester

Xbox One SmartGlass – Android & iOS

I’ve been using this app ever since the Xbox One launched, and it’s only getting better. It’s great for keeping track of your achievements and friends, as well as being able to make a quick purchase so your game can be installed and ready to play once you get back home! As well, it doubles as a remote for many of the basic Xbox One functions, and you can use it to browse your OneGuide and change channels! A must have for any Xbox One owner.

Xbox One SmartGlass Screenshot




Justin Jelinek

Star Wars Commander – Android & iOS

Based on Chris’ recommendation a few weeks ago, I decided to take Star Wars Commander for a spin. It’s a typical wait or pay base building strategy game (similar to Clash of Clans and others) with a Star Wars polish on top. I’ve only been playing for a few days, but I’ve nearly uninstalled the game a few times due to the notification sounds that you can’t seem to turn off. Otherwise, the game is fun. The story based elements are more fleshed out than some other games in the genre that I’ve played, and hey, it’s Star Wars! Now if only my Alloy Refineries would refine those alloys more quickly.



Blake Mitchell

Paper – iOS

I’m not a Facebook guy but I do keep the app on my devices. Coming back to iOS means I get to use Paper instead of the standard app. It’s well designed and works better than the standard app. It also still has Messenger inside the app for those who are angered by recent changes.

Paper – Stories from Facebook


Crystal Black

Candy Frenzy – Android

I quit playing Candy Crush Saga after getting annoyed with the wait and play (or pay and play) model but still had the candy swiping addiction to feed so I found this bad boy. Not nearly as polished or pretty as King’s ripoff of CandySwipe (another reason I stopped Candy Crush Saga), Candy Frenzy lets you play as many times in a row as you want and you don’t have endless invites or lives or other annoyances to send to your friends. You can just quietly play your little candy game and not bother anybody at all, which is exactly what I wanted.

Candy Frenzy Screenshot


Alex Hernandez

Turbo Dismount – iOS

Turbo Dismount is stupid fun at its best. Speed, stunts, and idiot behavior – what more could you ask for in a time waster game?


So, what are some of your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter! Be sure to check out next week’s Appetizers!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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