The Microsoft Smartwatch Coming Soon For Android, Windows and iPhone?


Apple’s “Apple Watch” is due to hit sometime in early 2015 and Android smartwatches are already out from Motorola, Samsung, LG and Sony. Now the Microsoft smartwatch just may be hitting shelves at the same time or soon after Apple’s offering and it has one leg up on the competition. Buying Apple’s watch will mean you’ll have to have an iPhone to get any sort of use out of it and Android’s offerings lock you into Android devices.

Forbes is reporting that the Microsoft smart watch will work across platforms so users of Windows, Android and iOS can sync their watches to their respective phones. How this is going to work with apps is still in question, but the idea of a wearable being usable by all platforms is much welcomed.

Forbes also reports that the Microsoft Smartwatch will have a two-day battery life, which is phenomenal if that is indeed true. From what Forbes is saying, it appears the main goal of the watch is to track health and fitness but no word on how the watch will be handling notifications from Android and iOS. Microsoft has not commented on the matter but Forbes seems pretty confident in its sources. Wearables is the next battlefield in consumer electronics, and it looks like Microsoft wants to fight on as many teams as it can. We’re hoping to get more information on this watch and its capabilities as the weeks go by. We’re very interested on how Microsoft plans on making the cross-platform venture work.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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