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Monday October 27th @ 11am, EST (8am PST), the gracious folks over at OnePlus are blessing the masses with a pre-order sale, a complete 180 from the invite only system that has been in place since the phone’s release back in April of this year. OnePlus will offer both of its models at regular price (16gb for $299 and 64gb for $350, plus all taxes and shipping costs) during the hour-long flash sale, along with all accessory offerings (minus the highly coveted backplate alternatives, womp womp) at discounted rates.  You can start your pre-order here but will not be able to check out  until the day of the pre-order sale.  Of course if you already have an invite you can place your order right now and skip the mad dash.


The massive 5.5″ Cyanogenmod based handset boasts specs that far outweigh the price: SnapDragon quad-core CPU, 3gigs of RAM, a 13 megapixel rear camera and a 3100mAh non removable battery all for about 1/4 of the going, non-contract price of both Apple and Samsung’s flagship devices.  The One+ might have (in some cases) slightly lesser specs, but it also has NONE of the bloatware. Since the phone’s introduction, OnePlus has seen its share of criticism for their tactless contests and sporadic invite system but technophiles world wide still seem to scramble for this phone.  With a reasonable price point, a mere $50 separating the two models and a completely customizable mobile operating system experience, I can understand why.

Welcome to Cyanogenmod!
Welcome to Cyanogenmod!

OnePlus has said it will not abandon its invite system completely but the fact that they are offering this sale suggests that it’s testing the management of inventory levels in addition to the server capacity to process orders in mass influx.  CEO Carl Pei said on his blog post that ‘…This is why we have to be conservative and only produce the amount of devices we’re 100% sure will be sold.” a strategy that has seemed to work so far.

If you are looking for a OnePlusOne this is great opportunity to pick one up.   Here are some pre-order sale tips to keep in mind:

  • One device per person.
  • The sale only lasts an hour for a phone that has never been released to the general public…so expect delays
  • You must have a valid, functional PayPal account to complete your transaction, any payments that do not go through within the 60 minute window will result in an incomplete order.

Are you looking to take advantage of this option to get a hold on your very own One+?  Do you think this is a smart step by One+ or just another marketing scheme?  Have it out in the comments or on social media and thanks for reading.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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