Researchers Find That Google Glass Obstructs Your Vision


Researchers at the University of California, San Fransisco have done a bit of research on Google’s pricey set of eyewear. From a limited sample size, they’ve concluded that wearing Google Glass can block a user’s peripheral vision.

The researchers tested three users, who were given an hour to acclimate themselves to Glass. Each participant wore their Glass in slightly different ways, so the prism of the hardware was situated varying distances from their pupil. After running their tests wearing Glass, they were put through the same tests while wearing similarly framed glasses, but without Glass, or any additional accessories.

In a result that probably surprises no one, the researchers found that the users wearing Glass in a manner that blocked their pupil performed poorly in peripheral vision tests. In order to increase their sample size, the researchers sought out images of people wearing Glass in order to see how it was worn.

Based on a larger sample of images (132 images, to be precise), the researchers found that roughly 60% of users were wearing Glass with the prism close to, or directly in front of their pupil. Their conclusion: most Glass users wear their device in a manner that is likely to obstruct their vision. From Live Science:

The results suggest that many people wear the device in a position that’s likely to cause blind spots and interfere with their daily activities, the researchers said.

It goes without saying that placing something directly into your field of vision is going to interfere with your vision. Whether or not that interference will cause any more of a distraction than anything else blinking, flashing, or buzzing in our general vicinity is less clear. I would have liked to have seen a larger test group in this experiment. Three users is a good start, but I feel that more would have led to a clearer result. I’m not a Glass user, so I don’t have any personal experience one way or the other, but as a fan of technology in general it would be nice to have a more thorough investigation.

Most importantly, someone should do some research to make sure that Glass isn’t going to make us look like this guy:

Image Courtesy of WeKnowMemes
Image Courtesy of WeKnowMemes
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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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