Weekly Refresh: iOS Malware, Free Microsoft Office, Amazon Echo, and More – Nov 2-8

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From Amazon news to potential Apple woes and Google app and service redesigns, we’ve covered a lot over the past week here at Techaeris. Here’s a quick recap of some of the stories we covered in our Weekly Refresh.


And the leaks continue. This time, new leaks from Mac Otakara suggest that the long-rumoured iPad Pro could be coming next year and be even thinner than we initially expected.

bookmark stars featured
Google’s new bookmark manager for Chrome finally released this week.

After initially leaking months ago, Google continues its trend of updating old and boring services with the brand new Bookmark Manager for Chrome. If you’re using it, let us know what you think of it!

RealPlayer Cloud, RealNetworks video streaming service and a Plex competitor, is offering 365GB storage plans, and apps for Mac and Xbox One as part of its first year milestone.

Could the Chronowing Smartwatch be the best one we’ve seen yet?

Hewlett-Packard and Michael Bastian have teamed up to bring you the Chronowing Smartwatch. With seven hours of battery life and a beautiful design, this may be one of the best smartwatches we’ve seen yet!

The big news earlier this week in the cloud storage world was all about Amazon and Dropbox. They weren’t the only cloud services making some noise though.

Increase your productivity even more! Todoist and IFTTT have announced that Todoist is the latest channel in the popular Internet of Things service, IFTTT.

Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. It’s always on—just ask for information, music, news, weather, and more. Echo begins working as soon as it hears you. Could this be the start of the personal home assistant?

Facebook adding granular controls to your feed is a big deal to a lot of users who desire the ability to filter the noise in their feeds. Sometimes you just need to filter out certain users without having to un-friend them. Because we all know the drama that can cause!

Desk is a new Mac app to assist writers with streamlining writing and publishing.

Looking for a new way to blog quicker? Desk is a new native Mac app designed to help online publishers get their content out. Desk allows you to write and publish from the same app.


Hot on the heels of the recently released Inbox, the latest Google app to get updated is Google Calendar, and not only is it getting the Material Design treatment, it’s also getting a few new “smart” features.

Interesting move earlier this week as HTC announced a crazy limited time sale on the Nexus 9. You could get one for half off this past Tuesday on HTC’s Hot Deals website. They were offering a 16GB Nexus 9 tablet for only $199.

Could the Apple Watch really cost between $500-$5000?!?

Yikes! Leaks indicate the Apple Watch Price will start at $500 and escalate to $5000 but does this all sound a bit dramatic? Apple needs to compete and with prices like these, one has to wonder just how reliable the source is.

One of the few many who missed out on Inbox invites? Earlier this week, Google promised that anybody who emailed inbox@google.com an Inbox invite during a specific time period would gain access to try their shiny new Gmail companion/replacement.

Welcome to the malware party iOS! WireLurker, a new iOS malware family, has been targeting Chinese iOS devices for the past 6 months through the Maiyada, a Chinese third party App Store.

Wait, what? Microsoft Office free on mobile? On iOS and Android yes, but only for personal use and that’s going to create a hurdle for Microsoft to compete in the market of mobile office apps.


Alex Hernandez reviewed the STM Harbour iPhone 6 Plus case, find out what we think of this sturdy, stylish and dockable case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Looking for something different for a Christmas gift for kids? Check out our Ozobots review, it just might be what you’re looking for!

Check out these small robot toys which introduce kids to simple coding and teach skills such as deductive reasoning through play in Jason Bouwmeester’s Ozobot review. Sounds like he his kids had a ton of fun with them!


Most people go camping, sightseeing, or on vacation to get away from technology. However, Yellowstone officials are working with CenturyLink to bring fiber optic communications to Yellowstone National Park. Is it worth it? Do Bison really need more bandwidth?

Excited about the new Nexus 6? Can’t get one? You’re definitely not alone. Corey Leighton offers his thoughts on why Nexus 6’s seem scarce. Could it be that Google is creating artificial scarcity to drive up interest?


Big news for photographers. Amazon Prime is offering unlimited photo storage!

Are you a photographer? Amazon Prime member? Amazon Prime announced that they are adding a new feature to their treasure trove of services: unlimited photo storage on Amazon Cloud Drive.

You have to check this out… This awesome Chicago time-lapse from Eric Hines is one of the most amazing you’ll ever watch. A great way to experience Chicago if you’ve never been.


Another research study stating the obvious has been completed. Researchers at the University of California, San Fransisco have concluded that wearing Google Glass can block a user’s peripheral vision.


Dropbox and Microsoft are linking arms to make file sharing and editing in the cloud easier, and their products that much more attractive.

The George Lucas Museum is coming to Chicago.

Chicago is getting the George Lucas Museum and it looks amazing – complete with a halo observatory which offers 360 degree views of the city and lakefront.

Things are only getting worse for Home Depot. The company has admitted that in addition to the customer credit card information accessed in September, 53 million email addresses were also taken.

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is a busy guy  running a multi-billion dollar company. He took time out however, as The Economist tapped Schmidt to star in a reboot commercial.

Ouch. Apple sapphire glass supplier GTAT claims Apple used strong arm tactics in it’s multi-million dollar deal for iPhone 6 displays.

That about wraps up our Weekly Refresh – look for our recap every Sunday for a quick glance at what you may have missed over the past week. As always, the staff here at Techaeris thanks you – our readers – for checking us out throughout the week and thank you for your continued support. After all, we write because we love to share what interests us and keep you informed on tech happenings around the world!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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