Need The Perfect Gift Idea? Mail Poop Anonymously Using Crytpocurrency


Looking for the perfect gift for that jerkbag co-worker that takes the last of the coffee and does not start a new pot? Or that friend of a friend you only see at social outings and they act like they have not met you before in their lives? Or do you just love the idea of trolling your friends by sending them a box of feces? Well you are not SOL any more because this holiday season there is a business that is ready to meet all of your poop-shipping needs.

With the holiday season approaching at an alarming rate, businesses and shoppers alike are scrambling to fulfill holiday wishes and shopping lists. This year you can not only go all out for your friends and loved ones, but you can also send the perfect droopy drawer sentiment to that jerkbag boss, ex-not-so-significant-other, or frenemy anonymously via this new website (NSFW warning – adult language and humor).

boxThe site, currently in its early stages, offers shoppers a chance to send animal poop in the mail. Currently the only feces option is horse poop, but the owners are working on offering a variety of excrement for their customers to choose from. The extra special part of the deal is that the site accepts many forms of popular crytpocurrency like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin to ensure senders can remain completely anonymous if they so choose.

Customers can choose from plain packaging to smiley face stickers or something cute to house their little piles of holiday cheer. You can also add in a special message to the recipient to show how solid your feelings are toward them. The package ships for free worldwide and will not leave a skid mark in your wallet at only $16.95 USD, or about .05 BTC.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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