LIMBO Sneaks Onto Xbox One, Free For Early Adopters


Those of us who have Xbox 360’s most likely remember 2010’s Xbox Live Arcade hit, LIMBO by Danish game developer Playdead. Released as an Xbox 360 exclusive and later ported to other systems, LIMBO finds itself being quietly released on the Xbox One.

LIMBO is a puzzle-platform game in which the player controls a boy through a series of puzzles in a stark black and white environment as he tries to find his sister. A simple enough task, the player must navigate traps and multiple environments while experiencing gruesome, and in some areas frequent, deaths while trying to make their way through the game. The game doesn’t look like much, but the simple style combined with difficult choices and minimal sound really create a creepy environment.

As part of Xbox One’s first year celebrations, some early adopters (and there’s no word as to what classifies you as one, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it being limited to those who purchased a Day One edition Xbox One) found this message in their Xbox Live inbox over the weekend.

Xbox One early adopter LIMBO message.

Just a simple “thanks for being an early adopter” message with no hint as to when the code would be forthcoming. Gamers who received the initial message didn’t have to wait long as the following day they, like myself, started receiving their free codes to redeem LIMBO on the Xbox One.

Xbox One LIMBO code message.

I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but I imagine it’s a straight port of the 2010 version. That’s not a bad thing as I thoroughly enjoyed the game the first time around, and am looking forward to playing through it again. If you missed it the fist time, and aren’t an early adopter, you might have to wait a bit longer as LIMBO hasn’t shown up in the Xbox Live store for Xbox One – yet.

Check out the trailer from the Xbox 360 version, and if you were an early adopter of the Xbox One be sure to check your inbox to see if you receive a code!

Check back in the coming weeks for our review of the Xbox One version and to see how well this 2010 hit fares 4 years later.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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