Apple Beats By Dre Unveils Soloselfie, Makes Us Even Vainer

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Do you have a constant need for more of you? Is your ego aching for some more stroking? Is the primitive cell phone selfie just not enough vanity? Well then. Apple Beats By Dre just unveiled their newest vanity driven marketing campaign aptly named Soloselfie – complete with its own hashtag #soloselfie! That’s right, you can now own a pair of fashion forward Beats By Dre headphones along with your fashion forward iPhone and take the most vain selfies yet! Check out the video below followed by the all important, HOW TO video!

There you have it folks! Probably the single most important thing you will use a pair of headphones and an iPhone for, to record and document your own self-importance. Well done Apple! Well done Beats by Dre! Perfect implementation of technology and an A+ for vanity! Now excuse me whilst I go #soloselfie.

What do you think of Apple Beats by Dre’s latest marketing gimmick? Is this something you want out of your headphones and smartphone? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter! And for the record, if you didn’t catch the enormous loads of sarcasm in the above article, then you didn’t read it very carefully. Happy Thanksgiving!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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