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Jaina Proudmoore Joins Heroes Of The Storm; Update Adds Stimpacks, Winter Veil Skins

Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, is still in Alpha but that hasn’t stopped them from forging ahead and adding another hero to the roster. The latest addition brings Jaina Proudmoore, a mage from the Warcraft universe complete with a range of spell abilities.

Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore is a female human mage, with a long history in Warcraft. Her cold-based spells will definitely add an interesting twist within the Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds.

Jaina Proudmoore has been added to Heroes of the Storm and is now available for play! Read on for a brief overview of her Abilities.

  • Abilities:
    • Frost Bolt (Q)
      • Fires a bolt that deals damage and Chills the target.
    • Blizzard (W)
      • Creates a storm of ice at target location, damaging and Chilling enemies.
    • Cone of Cold (E)
      • Deals damage in a cone and Chills targets.
  • Trait:
    • Frost Bite
      • Your Abilities Chill targets, slowing them and causing them to take increased damage.
  • Heroic Abilities
    • Summon Water Elemental (R)
      • Summons a powerful Water Elemental.
    • Ring of Frost (R)
      • Creates a freezing ring that roots and damages enemies.

With the addition of Jaina, the total number of playable heroes rises to 32. While Heroes of the Storm is free to play, Jaina can be purchased for 15,000 in-game gold currency or $9.99USD in the store.

Winter Veil Skins


Winter Veil has come to Heroes. (image courtesy Blizzard)

The latest patch also brings new Winter Veil skins to Heroes of the Storm. The previous Hallow’s End Skins are still available as single purchases, however the Costume Bundle has been removed from the store. The Winter Veil event brings us Winter Veil Jaina Skin, Great-father Winter Rehgar Skin, and a Reign-deer Mount. Each skin is available for $9.99USD. As well, seasonal bundles return which include Jaina, both skins and the mount for $29.97USD, or a lighter-on-the-wallet version includes Jaina and her Winter Veil skin for $14.98USD.


When I first saw mention of Stimpacks, my initial reaction was “here we go” as I immediately assumed these would be some sort of in game boost – which in a free to play game would cause an unfair advantage. As it turns out, Stimpacks are an account level boost which allow players to gain extra experience or gold for the duration the Stimpack is active.

In the days following the arrival of our next Technical Alpha patch, you’ll be able to give your out-of-game progression a serious pick-me-up with the addition of Stimpacks. A Stimpack is a timed buff that will net you an additional 100% XP and 150% Gold for each match you complete while a Stimpack is active on your account.

Players should be aware that while the Stimpacks will give you a boost, they do not stack with Play with Friend, Double XP Weekend, or other Quest rewards or XP bonuses. Blizzard also notes that while the Stimpack tab is active in the store, they are currently unavailable for purchase but will be added within the next few days.

Are you one of the lucky ones playing Heroes of the Storm? If so, what do you think of Jaina and the new skins? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or your social media platform of choice!

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