The Walking Dead Is Sorry For Spoiling Their Mid-Season Finale


The Walking Dead’s official Facebook page dun goofed on Sunday when they prematurely posted an image that spoiled the show’s mid-season finale. The offending post was up right after the episode aired on the east coast, meaning that any viewers on the other side of the country or in other earlier timezones were completely spoiled about what was going to happen.

In a post yesterday, The Walking Dead page issued an apology and proclaimed the death of spoilers.

We heard your feedback to last night’s post, and we’re sorry. With zero negative intent, we jumped the gun and put up a spoiler. Please know we’re going to work to ensure that, in the future, possible spoilers by official AMC social feeds are killed before they can infect, certainly before the West Coast (U.S.) broadcast of The Walking Dead. As always, thank you for watching, and keep the comments coming. We appreciate all of your support. #RIPSpoilers

People go to great lengths to avoid spoiling themselves for TV shows if they can’t watch them on time, so it can’t be fun seeing the page you follow for the show being the one to ruin it for you after dodging spoilers all day. The obvious answer is just to avoid social media all day until you finally watch the episode, but that can be hard with so many cat pictures to post and statuses to like.

Luckily, it appears The Walking Dead learned their lesson, as well as how timezones work, so hopefully this will prompt other big TV show and movie pages to proceed with the same caution. But, in general, maybe don’t use a major spoiler as the show’s primary hashtag? Just a thought.

Death to spoilers, viva la Walking Dead. 

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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