Hearthstone Update Adds Goblins Vs Gnomes Cards To Arena

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Cha-Ching! An update to Hearthstone is now live that adds cards from the upcoming Goblins vs Gnomes expansion pack into the game’s Arena mode. This comes in advance of the actual expansion release, and thus the ability to purchase the cards, which comes out on December 8th.

This update also makes all the cards to be browsable in My Collection, marked as being part of the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion pack with a gear watermark in the card text boxes. The official Goblins vs Gnomes game board has also been added which features a lot of explosives laying around just waiting to be clicked while your opponent takes up every precious second of turn every game.

See the full list of Goblins vs Gnomes-related updates below.

  • Don’t let Goblins and Gnomes have all the fun building things: All Goblins vs Gnomes cards have been added to the Arena and can be chosen even if you do not have them in your Hearthstone collection.
  • All Goblins vs Gnomes cards can be found easily in My Collection using the search function, and all Goblins vs Gnomes cards have a “gear” watermark in the card text box.
  • Expert card packs have been renamed to “Classic” card packs. Classic card packs are still available to acquire in the in-game Shop as well as through Crafting Mode.
  • New minion type “Mech” has been added. Use Mechs along with other Mechs for surprising (often devastating) results!
  • An all-new interactive Goblins vs Gnomes-themed game board has been added. Turn the gears, wind the springs, and try not to blow anything up in the process. We warned you.  

The long-awaited spectator mode has been added as well, giving you the chance to watch your friends play with one click. Being that it doesn’t include any sort of player commentary or chat room, watching on a streaming service like Twitch is probably still preferred, but it’s nice to have if you just want to watch a quick game or two in between matches of your own. It also has the added benefit of solid proof when your friend makes an incorrect play, allowing  you to remind him of it for next few months.

Blizzard also issued a few card nerfs to slow down some decks that they deemed unfair. Gadgetzan Auctioneer got a slight nerf, raising it’s mana cost to 6 up from 5. The card is essential in Rogue Miracle decks as it can allow them to draw their whole deck with the multitude of cheap effective spells at their disposal. Raising its mana cost will give opponents an extra turn to prepare and deal for the onslaught of card draw, if he even still sees play.

Handlocks took a significant blow with Soulfire having its mana cost raised from 0 to 1. Being that many Warlock decks main goal is to load up their hands and play punishing creatures to overwhelm their opponents, discarding a single card to deal four damage was almost negligible. Making it cost one mana really messes with a lot of the established mana efficiency of the deck; slowing them down and requiring a few to be reworked completely.

And finally, not quite the Hunter nerf that many wanted, but Flare had its mana cost raised from 1 to 2. Flare’s utility as a cycle card, plus the ability to remove secrets from Mages, Paladins, and other Hunters made it just too powerful for its previous 1 mana cost. While many still want the entire Undertaker deck to be nerfed, its worth noting that a cheaper, powerful deck like that is usually good for the meta game. It gives players who can’t spend hundreds of dollars on legendary decks a chance, and keeps control decks honest. It may suck playing the same Hunter deck seven times in a row, but card games needs cheap quick decks.

And finally, several small bug fixes were issued, which can be seen below.

  • The left-most enemy minion can once again be targeted on a full board if Counterspell counters a Secret.
  • Nozdormu, self proclaimed “Master of Time”, once again gives players 15 seconds a round instead of 30.
  • Blood Imps will no longer target Imp Masters with no life left. It’s dead, Jim.
  • Baron Rivendare in the Naxxramas Adventure has fixed his heater and will no longer cast Frostbolt on himself.
  • Faceless Manipulators will now copy the Echoing Ooze as well as its effect.
  • Faceless Manipulators will now copy the Echoing Ooze as well as its effect.
  • Faceless Manipulator now functions properly when targeting minions with Enrage that refuse to follow the rules.
  • Druid of the Claw is embracing his wild side and now becomes a Beast minion type upon switching Cat Form or Bear Form.
  • Multiple mechanical minions have been upgraded to Mechs, unlocking additional synergy with other Goblins vs Gnome cards: Harvest Golem, Damaged Golem, Alarm-o-Bot, Demolisher, Mechanical Dragonling, and all of Gelbin Mekkatorque’s AWESOME inventions.
  • Kel’thuzad’s mastery of undeath has been tempered and it will no longer resurrect itself after perishing at the hands of Ragnaros the Firelord.
  • Gnomes have been hard at work fixing Goblin “upgrades”, forcing our engineers to step in and fix the fixes that the gnomes “fixed”.  Ultimately, a number of display issues and other bugs have been resolved.

So get out there and get Goblins vs Gnomes’in!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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