Surprise! Your Desk Is Filthy – Now Go Wash Your Hands


Most of us spend about 40 hours per week at work.  Some of us spend that time more effectively, but if you work at an office, chances are good you’re spending a decent chunk of your week sitting at a desk in front of a computer and telephone.  The Daily Mail took a look at just how germ-ridden the typical keyboard, mouse, and telephone really are, and offer one suggestion:  Wash your hands!

I think we all know that washing our hands is important, especially after going to the bathroom, but I’m pretty sure we’ve also probably seen people “forget” to wash.  Daily Mail, with the help of Rentokil Initial and Dettol take a look at just how far this problem can spread.

The infographic below shows a few key points – for one, it seems that those Googlers should just go ahead and eat their lunch on the toilet too, it’s probably cleaner than eating at your desk.

Office Germs Infographic

A few other takeaways: You probably shouldn’t touch anything ever, and you can probably blame your slovenly co-worker for all of your sick time.  Don’t have a slovenly co-worker?  Then it might be you!

So what should you do to fix this?  Stay at home in a hermetically sealed bubble?  Subscribe to Amazon’s entire line of disinfecting supplies? Hire someone to open doors, type your e-mail and answer your phones for you?  Shame anyone that doesn’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom?  While that last one doesn’t honestly sound like a horrible idea, your best bet is honestly probably the most simple solution of all – Wash your hands!

To further illustrate the point, they spoke with Dr. Lisa Ackerley:

Now to be fair, Dr. Ackerley has been known to lead research studies for major brands such as Dettol – a manufacturer of hygiene and cleaning products.  Additionally, Rentokil Initial supplies, among other things, laundry and washroom services, so both parties may benefit from increased hand-washing. The advice, however, is still sound.  Washing your hands can help stop the spread of bacteria and germs across all of your technology, and keep you healthy so you can always come to work! Or, on second thought, washing your hands will keep you healthy so that you can do fun and exciting things after you get home from work!  That sounds a little bit better, we’ll stick with that.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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