Will The Nokia McLaren Ever See The Light Of Day?


Technology companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft often create devices that are purely experimental and never see the light of day. The Nokia McLaren was one of those devices that Microsoft never took to market. Now more photos have surfaced online showing the Nokia McLaren next to an iPhone 6 (the 6 is smaller). The McLaren development started in 2013 and was shut down sometime in 2014 without reason, but these leaked photos at least reveal what could be or what might have been.

One of the McLaren’s slickest features was its supposed 3d Touch navigation which would have allowed user input without ever touching the phone itself. According to Microsoft 3d Touch navigation was never a working feature but more of a concept so if this phone does see the light of day, don’t expect 3d Touch navigation. From the photos it looks like the screen on this thing is in the six inch range, it almost looks the size of the Lumia 152o, just slightly bigger. The camera hump on the back is enormous, reminding one of the Lumia 1020. No one really knows if the phone in these pictures is a current prototype or an old prototype so speculation and rumors abound. It would certainly be interesting to see this phone on the market and see what kind of specs Microsoft would stuff into it. Check out the full gallery below.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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