Countdown To The Doctor Who Christmas Special “Last Christmas”


We are a short 10 days away from Christmas, but more importantly 10 days away from this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special – Last Christmas. With a teaser clip already released, this year’s Christmas special promises more of the wonderful excitement and suspense Whovians have come to expect from the more-often-than-not emotionally traumatic holiday episode.

Thankfully, the BBC loves its viewers and has prepared a number of things to help Whovians survive the holiday season until Whomas Day. To help aid in your countdown woes, fans can check out the BBC’s Whovian Advent calendar, or just the countdown to Last Christmas, however one chooses to view it. Each day reveals a new video clip, wallpaper, or other festive Doctor Who goody. Fans can also prepare by binge-watching all 10 of the previous Christmas specials on Christmas Eve, beginning with the first Christmas special from 2005 – The Christmas Invasion with the Ninth Doctor, which will air at 1pm ET.

The Doctor Who binge resumes on Christmas Day at 8am ET for a brief look at Peter Capaldi and Jenna Hate endingsColeman’s adventures on The Doctor Who: World Tour. The entire eighth season will follow that half hour special, leading up to the premier of Last Christmas, slated for 9pm ET. And just in case you haven’t completely fallen apart after that, The Time of The Doctor will follow Last Christmas.

In the meantime, Whovians can continue to watch the teaser trailer from Last Christmas. The clip, while excessively short, shows Clara and the Doctor seemingly trapped somewhere in the arctic and in grave danger from some type of Alien-esque creature. Naturally, who does one call upon when in trouble near the North Pole? Why it is Santa Claus, of course! Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) plays Santa while the rest of the cast remains mostly unknown aside from another appearance by Missy. Perhaps we’ll see some of the Paternoster Gang since Dan Starkey is listed on the IMDB page under cast, though it’s for “head elf” instead of his traditional role as Strax. Only the Doctor will know what is in store for us for this season’s Christmas special!

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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