Auto Facebook Awesome: The Big F’s Photo Improvement Service


Who doesn’t like a good selfie? No, oh well maybe thats just me, but we all love sharing our snaps online. Nearly everyone carries a camera in their pocket now in the form of a smartphone, so we press the shutter at every event seen. Whole online communities are built around this, and Facebook paid $1billion to bring Instagram in house to capitalise on the camera social movement. Now with their own ‘auto Facebook awesome’ solution, they are taking it a step further. 

Facebook have now set their sights on one of Google + most loved features, and thats its auto awesome and storage of your photos. Since 2013 Google has been automatically enhancing your backed up or socially shared photos to bring the best out of them. Its the only reason some use Google plus, and many have predicted it to be separated to its own platform very soon.

Facebook Photos

Starting first with Facebook users with an iPhone, the big blue app will start to automatically enhancing all the photos uploaded. Making gentle adjustments to lighting, shadows and saturation. Hopefully greatly improving the overall image, and how it looks on your time line. Android support is coming in future updates, with the facility to edit further if you wish.

They have however stopped short of the fully fledged editing found in Google Photos, and focused instead on improving the level of your mobile photos, in the hope of making your timeline easier on the eye. It remains to be seen if Facebook will implement the level of filters found in its stand alone Instagram app. Given that currently Facebook is attempting to unbundle its service into separate apps, we may yet see a ‘Facebook Photos app’.

Or will Instagram see deeper integration into Facebook and become the photo app of choice for sharing? One thing for sure is your selfies are about to get a major facelift! Let us know if this will be a useful tool to you, in the comment below or on your social network of choice.

facebook photo featured
Better looking Facebook photos
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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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