SpaceX Falcon 9 Will Attempt “Improbable” Landing


We’re big fans of Elon Musk and SpaceX here at Techaeris.  We’ve followed the progress of their Falcon 9 reusable first stage rocket for quite some time.  From the addition of individually controlled fins to their soft launch in the Atlantic Ocean, the SpaceX Falcon 9 has truly been an engineering marvel.  SpaceX is looking to add another feather to their cap with a landing that they themselves consider improbable:  A precision landing on an unanchored ocean platform.

SpaceX acknowledges that this isn’t going to be easy.  In fact, they’ve only put their probability of success at around 50%.  Undeterred, they realize that even in failure, the data they gather from the attempt will be invaluable for future missions and landing attempts.

The entire source article is a really great read, and I recommend you click over and check it out, but there are a few points that I really like.  When discussing the difficulties in bringing the first stage rocket back down to Earth, SpaceX described it thusly:

…stabilizing the Falcon 9 first stage for reentry is like trying to balance a rubber broomstick on your hand in the middle of a wind storm.

Easy enough!  When does it get challenging?

During previous attempts, we could only expect a landing accuracy of within 10km. For this attempt, we’re targeting a landing accuracy of within 10 meters.

For a completely made up real-world comparison of what they’re attempting – try hitting the bulls eye on a dartboard that’s roughly a mile and half away, with a dart made out of cooked spaghetti, in a wind tunnel.  Yeah, pretty impressive stuff.

Falcon 9 Parking Only - Land Here
Falcon 9 Parking Only – Land Here

A truly reusable rocket has always been a dream, but this is the closest it’s ever come to being a reality.  SpaceX hopes that within the next year, they’ll have a Falcon 9 first stage rocket that can be launched, landed, refueled, and launched again. Truly amazing stuff.  For the complete rundown of what SpaceX will attempt, head to the source link below.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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