Draco iPhone 6 Plus Bumper Review: What The iPhone Design Should Have Been

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DRACOdesign Inc. makes some of the most beautiful aluminum iPhone bumpers on the market. True they’re not cheap, so if you’re reading this review looking for a cheap bumper for your iPhone 6 Plus then you’re probably going to be disappointed. The Draco iPhone 6 Plus bumper retails at $99.99 placing it on the high end for bumpers, but it’s well worth your time and money. The Draco 6 Plus isn’t for everyone, some will scoff at the price and some will hate the design, but there is a healthy market for these types of bumpers and here’s what we think of Draco’s 6 Plus. Check out our Draco 6 Plus giveaway HERE!


Draco has been making these bumpers for a few years and every time I put one on my device the design just fits perfectly. The Draco 6 Plus bumper case is exactly what the iPhone 6 Plus should have looked like (in my opinion of course). The lines on the Draco are elegant and cut to perfection from aircraft grade aluminum. Everything is symmetrical and minimal looking, clean lines nothing to break the flow. I am a big fan of this type of design and was pretty stoked when Draco contacted me to send this sample unit. The buttons are perfectly placed and the tactile response of the volume rocker and power button are superb and effortless. Be careful when installing the mute toggle switch, there is a particular way it has to be placed for it to function properly but when it’s done right it functions perfectly.


The aircraft grade aluminum is super light weight barely adding any heft to the 6 Plus at all. The curved design makes for a nice comfortable grip actually providing more grip than the naked 6 Plus. The lines of the bumper might be an issue for some who dislike sharp edges, it’s ever so slight but evident. Overall this design just works, it’s super sexy, elegant and eye-catching. There’s no doubt people will ask you what kind of phone you have when you have this on your device. The bumper also comes in five different colors.


The raised lip prevents the front and back of the phone from making contact when placed on flat surfaces.

Draco bumpers offer up some of the best protection on the market. Is it OtterBox type protection? Well, no, but it’s good protection for what a bumper should offer. Embedded around the inside of the bumper are a series of shock absorbing pads that will protect the phone from corner drops and other shocks it may come across. Those same shock absorbing pads protect the phone itself from the bumper, keeping it from getting scratched just from having it on.

The Draco 6 Plus also has a raised back and front lip (o.4mm) to protect the glass and back when you place the phone down on flat surfaces. The raised lip should also protect against any flat drops that might occur. Overall the protection offered with the Draco 6 Plus is good, I wouldn’t recommend this to construction workers or firefighters who are ultra rough with their phones. But I am 100% confident the case would protect my iPhone in the scenarios I find myself in everyday and I think it would be good protection for most anyone.


This is the part where most people might have an issue, value and pricing. I feel the Draco 6 Plus offers great value for its price. When you buy a bumper like this you’re not just buying protection for your phone, you’re buying a fashion and art piece. The design is stunning and you’ll always get someone asking you questions about it. But with that fashion sense you also get the great protection so it’s not like Draco is style before function, they marry the two perfectly. So this category is always going to be a personal choice matter, I feel that the Draco 6 Plus is well worth its $99.99 price tag.


Dropping $100 on a bumper is no easy decision, even if you have the money to drop. But Draco bumpers are well worth the coin and well worth your time. They’re beautifully designed and crafted a joy to hold and feel and provide good protection for that even more expensive iPhone 6 Plus. The company is also a solid company. Having dealt with them for the past two years I can say they’re very responsive and customer oriented. I’d recommend the Draco 6 Plus to those who want that extra style that sets them apart from the rest of the iPhone toting world.

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*We were sent a Draco iPhone 6 Plus Bumper for the purpose of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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