Fanmade “Marvel Vs DC” Trailer Previews The Movie Of Our Dreams

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A fanmade video mashing together several comic book movie trailers gives us a glimpse into the Marvel vs DC movie of our dreams. Uploaded by YouTube user Alex Luthor, the 3:30 minute faux trailer manages to actually build a decent story out of past footage and very few minor edits.

What if The Tesseract from The Avengers opened a gateway into the DC Universe instead of just another section in the Marvel universe? Naturally, since we’re talking comics books here, everyone would meet, fight, and destroy a bunch of human property before the dust settles. It might be a little awkward when Green Lantern runs into X-Men Origins Deadpool, or the 2016 Deadpool, however. Will Ryan Reynolds slowly begin to fade away ala Marty McFly?

Alex Luthor does a great job putting all the clips in a coherent order, with heroes firing random missiles, balls of energy or other projectiles off-screen and hitting someone else so satisfyingly that you’d think it were real. It also shows just how cliched and similar comic book movie trailers are getting, too. This trailer used a lot of shots with a camera zooming in on a hero as they turned their head, and I’m guessing Alex Luthor could have used a dozen more if he wished.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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