Glorious Leader! Developer Not Backing Down After Sony Hacks

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The developer behind the 2D action side scroller Glorious Leader! has stated he is not backing down after the Sony hacks, in an interview with the Associated Press. Not only is creator Jeff Miller not going to halt production, he is motivated now more than ever to get it out the door and into our imperialistic pig hands.

Putting players in the shoes of North Korea’s well-fed supreme leader Kim Jong Un himself, Glorious Leader! will feature cameos from Jong Un’s buddy and unofficial US ambassador to the DPRK, Dennis Rodman, as well as the late Kim Jong Il. Just as he does in real life, Kim Jong Un will fight off the imperialist intruders from the great city of Pyongyang, ride a unicorn into battle, and single-handedly defeat the United States navy on the back of a majestic narwal.

The massive data breach and cyber-vandalism committed against Sony is not deterring Miller one bit, and he has yet to receive any threats himself. It also helps that, as Miller put it, Kim Jong Un looks “totally awesome” in his game, instead of being murdered as he was in The Interview. But being the emotional teenager of the world stage that they are, it’s hard to ever really tell how North Korea will react to something. Will they realize the satire and condemn it, or just spin it as the capitalist American pigs acknowledging fearless leader Kim Jong Un’s greatness by putting him into a video game?

Miller’s Georgia-based studio Moneyhorse Games has been working on the satirical run-and-gun shooter for well over a year now, and he has recently launched a crowd funding campaign to finish production. Glorious Leader!’s Kickstarter page even keeps up the charade of the game, including everything in it being stylized as typical North Korea propaganda. With tongue placed firmly in cheek it mocks the country’s severe lack of technology as it promises “cutting-edge 16-bit graphics and sound.”

Greetings comrades and capitalist pigs alike! The Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK, Kim Jong Un, commands you to stop playing inferior western games and take up arms in defense of our great nation. Glorious Leader!, a stunning marvel of cutting-edge 16-bit graphics and sound, chronicles the incredible, but true tale of the defeat of the entire imperialist army at the hands of Kim Jong Un.

Glorious Leader! was obviously started long before the Sony hacks took place, but Miller has plans to update the game to reflect these recent events. This includes a level where Kim Jong Un will take down Sony Entertainment once and for all, and even full cutscenes featuring President Obama if a stretch goal is met. Assuming the game never finds itself under the scope of the same hackers that attacked Sony, this could not be a better time for Miller to promote the game and ride the wave of patriotic-infused desire to mock anything related to North Korea.

Expected to release in June of 2015, the game will be available on PC and mobile devices, with versions for Xbox and PlayStation consoles hopefully coming later. Miller stated that he reached out to both Microsoft and Sony requesting to have his game distributed on their platforms, but neither has exactly jumped at the opportunity – and that was before the Sony Entertainment hacks, even. At the very least you’ll be able to take down the imperialist dogs at home on your own PC, or on your mobile device when you finally take that long-desired trip to visit beautiful North Korea.

If you wish to support the Kickstarter campaign, which currently sits at $8,350 of the $55,000 with a little under a month to go, check out the link in the source below.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

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