Draco iPhone 6 Tigris Shell Stand Case Review: Origami In A Case

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DRACOdesign is known for their high end aluminum bumpers for a variety of smartphones including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This year they’ve introduced a new line of cases aimed to be a little more affordable than their awesome aluminum bumpers. This is the Draco iPhone 6 Tigris Shell Stand Case review.


The Draco iPhone 6 Tigris Shell Stand Case is a snap type case with a leather like back that folds like origami to make a few different standing positions for your iPhone 6. The shell is constructed of a solid plastic with just a little give to it and a leather like back that makes up the folding stand. The case design doesn’t detract from the iPhone design and it also adds grip to the device (the iPhone 6 is a slippery gadget). There is a magnet on the back that holds the origami part in place. Our review unit’s magnet ended up falling off and we notified Draco of the problem. They assured us they’ve corrected the issue and we were given one of the old defective units by mistake. So any orders placed now will have the improved magnet on the back that should not fall off. Overall the design is typical Draco, clean lines, simple and effective, very well done.


The Tigris Shell Stand Case is what I would call a mid-range protection case, it’s for everyday commuter use not rugged made to take extreme conditions. The Tigris will take a good spill and offers all around protection, 5 foot drops shouldn’t be an issue for this case. The case also has a raised lip to protect the front glass from being placed face down. The corners are protected and the top and bottom remain open for easy access to ports on the bottom. Overall the case offers great protection for everyday use, I wouldn’t take this on a construction job or somewhere you know you’re going to bang up your device really good.


The Tigris comes in at an affordable $19.99 and is a pretty fair price point for the design and function. The only problem we had was with the back magnet falling off and Draco was aware of the defect and has already fixed it. There’s a ton of cases on the market all looking to catch your eye, the Tigris does a great job of that. It’s a definite conversation piece and manufactured by a premium name at an affordable price.


If you’re in the market for a slick looking case for your iPhone 6 with a very cool integrated stand then the Tigris is for you. The $19.99 price point is reasonable and affordable and along the same lines as similar cases. The Tigris is great if you’re not looking for rugged protection.

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*We were sent a Tigris case from Draco Design for the purpose of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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