Incredibly Detailed Smaug Statue Can Be Yours For A Small Dwarven Fortune


Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth saga may officially have ended with The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, but that doesn’t mean Tolkien collectors will stop collecting any time soon. Any such collectors who also happen to be sitting on a Dwarven kingdom worth of cash can pick up this gigantic and incredibly detailed Smaug statue exclusively from Entertainment Earth.

smaugPre-orders are now open for the statue, which weighs in at an astounding 42-pounds, or roughly 1/3 the weight of a full-grown hobbit. Only 2,000 are being produced, and they are expected to arrive sometime next August. Given that they are all handmade, hand painted, and every inch of them is covered in detail, that’s not a bad turnaround time, especially for the most dedicated of Hobbit fans.

Coloration on the statue appears to be a little different than the film, at least in the promotional pictures on the site, with more blues and reds than the Benedict Cumberbatch-voiced Smaug featured in the final two Hobbit films. It makes for a much more impressive piece though, as the movie Smaug was mostly drab hues of brown and some faded hints of red.

This mini-Smaug the Terrible measures 20 1/2 inches wide by 17 3/4 inches long by 11 3/4 inches tall and can be had for a whopping $749.99 from Entertainment Earth. So, if you have a friend who is huge Tolkien fan and you want to buy him or her a gift for Christmas next year to ensure that they will always owe you something great in return, go ahead and grab your pre-order now.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

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