Did Kim Dotcom Stop Lizard Squad Xbox Live/PSN Attacks?

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While Xbox Live and Playstation Networks (PSN) are still down, or operating in limited capacity, it appears the end is near for gamers hoping to break in that new Xbox One, Playstation 4, or game. Earlier today, Lizard Squad again claimed responsibility for taking down the popular gaming services – promising to stop if they received enough RT’s.

The original accounts claiming responsibility have been removed from Twitter, however another has one surfaced claiming the attacks have stopped as of around 8pm PT/11pm ET.

Further perusing of the @LizardMafia account reveal an interesting retweet of a post by Kim Dotcom, hacker turned entrepreneur and owner of the file sharing site Mega.

The full exchange is captured in the image below:

A Twitter Direct Message exchange posted by Kim Dotcom discussing a deal with Lizard Squad to end Xbox Live and PSN attacks.

According to the conversation, an undisclosed number of annual Mega memberships with 500GB of storage where given in exchange for a stop to the attacks on Xbox Live and PSN. Should either service be attacked again by Lizard Squad, the Mega memberships would be terminated. While an end in sight is welcome news – and many are no doubt thanking Kim Dotcom for stepping up, one has to wonder if the deal will stick and if this is the last we’ll hear of Lizard Squad.

Lizard Squad has signed off – with an ominous “for now”, thanking Kim Dotcom for the vouchers while mentioning in passing how they were able to perform the DDOS attacks which brought the services down.

Xbox Live’s core services are currently limited preventing gamers from signing in, and as a result preventing them from playing games on their Xbox One consoles. Gamers are also indicating that PSN is still down as well. Hang tight, hopefully all Xbox Live and PSN services are restored soon and everyone will be able to enjoy their Christmas gifts.

What do you think about Kim Dotcom’s deal with Lizard Squad? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


UPDATED: Lizard Squad To Gamers: “RT Or No Xbox Live or PSN”

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