Captain America Star Chris Evans Delivers Some Freedom In New Call Of Duty Online Trailer

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What does Captain America do when he isn’t punching Nazi metaphors or sledding down a fresh powdered hill atop his famous shield? He plays Call of Duty Online apparently.

Star of Captain America, Chris Evans, recently appeared in a live-action trailer for the Chinese-exclusive Call of Duty Online. It’s not exactly unheard of territory for Call of Duty to use celebrities in their advertisements – every one of them is usually jam packed with celebrities covered in fake dirt running through CGI explosions – but Evans’ appearance came seemingly out of nowhere. Amid his Chinese squad mates, an English-speaking Evans busts out a rocket launch to presumably bring down a helicopter… train… thing (I think someone forgot to aim the shot a few inches higher) firing on them before turning to his new best friends and asking if they are ready to fight.

Call of Duty Online will be a micro-transaction based shooter releasing exclusively to Chinese audiences, and it is expected to be huge. The free-to-play FPS is very similar to Call of Duty’s established online gameplay, but instead of unlocking weapon upgrades through regular play, gamers will be required to buy upgrades, personalization, and new gear through an in-game store. A lot of the content in the game will be from past Call of Duty titles as it borrows dozens of maps from its lineage. It has been in open beta since early 2013, and is finally set to release to eager Chinese audiences sometime in early 2015.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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