The Interview Comes To The Apple iTunes Store

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Hot on the heels of Google and Microsoft, the Apple iTunes Store is the latest online streaming outlet that is offering the Sony Pictures release The Interview. Earlier this month Sony suffered an embarrassing hack that exposed employee and actors private information including social security numbers, email addresses and banking information. The hack saw some of Sony’s yet to be released films leaked online to several torrent sites. Email message leaks also embarrassed some top Sony officials including Amy Pascal, exposing some questionable racist remarks directed at President Obama.

As Sony began to lock things down and warn employees and actors of the breach they also began working with the FBI and other agencies to find the source of the hack. FBI officials announced the hacks were traced back to North Korea implicating the government there in the matter. The film, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is about two reporters who are granted an interview with Kim Jong Un (Supreme Leader of North Korea) and then are asked (by the CIA) to assassinate the North Korean leader. The film goes on to poke fun at Kim Jong Un’s expense and it ultimately ends with Un’s death.

After the hacks and information leaks a group calling themselves The Guardians of Peace (GOP) claimed responsibility and also started making threats to any theater that would screen the film. Shortly after theaters started receiving threats most all the major theater operators pulled The Interview from screening to protect theater goers. Sony then cancelled the release of the film and said it would not be released at all, no DVD or no VOD, the film was dead. There was an outcry from the internet, actors and even President Obama saying what North Korea has done amounted to cyber-terriorsm. A few days later rumor was Sony would release the film on its own streaming service Crackle for free. Shortly after that Sony decided to finally release the film to online streaming outlets Google Play and Microsoft for rent. The whole story smells like a film in the making itself, we’ll see if Sony finds someone to write the screenplay. Head over to iTunes, Google Play or Microsoft Store to rent The Interview and see what its all about! First check out Matt Lyons review over on MOARGeek!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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