CES 2015 Drones, 4K, Wearables and More


If you’re a tech geek you know that CES 2015 is just around the corner and we’ll be there to check out all the new consumer electronics coming to the market. Drones seem to be one of the more prevalent attractions, I’ve been bombarded with companies asking for us to check out their latest drone. 4K televisions are also predicted to be a big part of CES 2015 as the technology continues to spread and mature I’m sure that prices will come down substantially in 2015.

Wearables is probably going to be even hotter this year than last year. We saw a lot of smartwatches last year, many from small unknown companies but expect the big boys to showcase their latest wearables in force this year. One always noticeable missing manufacturer is Apple. Apple doesn’t do CES but prefers their own small events showcasing their products away from the hordes of press, buyers and industry specialists.

Last year I was the only one from Techaeris to attend CES but this year we’ve expanded to a two man team. Managing Editor Justin Jelinek will be along for the CES 2015 ride and we hope to bring back news worth your time to read. With a two man team against the big boy’s trailers of equipment it’s safe to say we will likely get scooped on many of the breaking stories so we’re concentrating on reporting things when we get back. But keep your eyes on Techaeris next week as we’ll try and push stuff out that might be worth getting out immediately. Check out the USA Today video report about CES 2015 below.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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