Syfy And USA Network Announce Shows Involving Hackers And Cyber Security


As internet security and hackers gain headlines in the news and media, several networks are looking at targeting the mysterious world of hackers to put on display for audiences. Both USA Network and Syfy have made announcements that their line-ups will soon include hacker-related shows, though both of a rather different variety.
The USA network announced mid-December that it would be ordering Mr. Robot, written by Sam Esmail (Comet) who is also credited as an executive producer along with Steve Golin (True Detective) and Chad Hamilton (Breakup at a Wedding). The hacker thriller follows Elliot (Rami Malek, 24), a young programmer with an extreme case of an anti-social disorder. He eventually decides his only way of connecting with people is to hack them, however his endeavor to interact with people launches him into a shadowy underground hacker group led by anarchist Mr. Robot (Christian Slater, Mind Games), whose ultimate goal is to take down corporate America.
Chris McCumber, president of the USA Network is very excited about the upcoming show and thinks audiences will be too.

Mr. Robot could not be more timely and relevant. The creative team behind this series has done a brilliant job, taking viewers on a wild ride that leaves them wanting more. Malek gives a masterful performance as a hacker and unlikely hero, alongside Christian, who is perfectly cast.

Syfy is also hopping on the bandwagon and has announced their plan to team up with Relativity Television to develop their own show, Hackers. The series purports to be an un-scripted reality show that will delve into major recent hacking stories and delve into the real life of the hackers behind them. With the obvious difficulties of having a compelling show that doesn’t involve watching people furiously type away at a computer for an hour, the network has already moved to reassure critics, stating:

Hackers will reveal the secrets behind the most infamous cyber-crimes ever committed, using sophisticated, never-before-seen digital graphics to create an experiential “hacking” scene that exposes what actually happens when a computer network is broken into – including what goes on inside the mind of the hacker.

With no word on what those “never-before-seen digital graphics” are or even a premier date of any kind, it remains to be seen whether the series will flourish or flop.
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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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