World’s Most Powerful Camera For The LSST Gets DOE Funding


You think you’re pretty cool with your 13 or even 20-megapixel cameras on your smartphones – and those DSLR guys with their HDR shots, don’t get me started. Well, the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has both of them beat in getting DOE approval for the world’s most powerful camera. A 3,200-megapixel  beast meant to look deep into space and grab some of the best detail we have yet to see from previous space photography.

“This important decision endorses the camera fabrication budget that we proposed,” said LSST Director Steven Kahn. “Together with the construction funding we received from the National Science Foundation in August, it is now clear that LSST will have the support it needs to be completed on schedule.”

“The telescope is a key part of the long-term strategy to study dark energy and other scientific topics in the United States and elsewhere,” said David MacFarlane, SLAC’s director of particle physics and astrophysics. “SLAC places high priority on the successful development and construction of the LSST camera, and is very pleased that the project has achieved this major approval milestone.”


The LSST and its monster camera is scheduled to start operating in 2022 on top of Mount Cerro Pachón in Chile where it will take pictures of the skies over a ten year period. This news is exciting, we’ve been able to capture some great images over the years but the LSST will allow for better clarity and maybe new answers. Read even more details at the link below!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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