Sneak Peak Of Ricky Gervais On ABC's Galavant


So far at least one half of Galavant’s two part specials every Sunday have featured a guest appearance. First up was John Stamos as the less-than-gallant knight Jean Hamm, then came Hugh Bonneville as the leader of a group of landlocked pirates. Next up is the polarizing former star of The Office (UK), Ricky Gervais. Thanks to a sneak preview from ABC we get a look at what he’ll be playing in Sunday’s episode.
By the looks of it he’ll be some kind of wizard named Xanax. He’s visited by King Richard and Chef, and explains his weird living conditions. Like everything in Galavant, there is a twist on a usual fairy tale cliche, in that this wizard has turned a frog into a man, instead of the other way around. The character, Xanax, seems to like saying that he “makes everything better,” which is a pretty obvious nod to the real-life anti-anxiety drug, Xanax – often used to help nervous people fly on planes.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Galavant yet, be sure to check out our reviews and give it a shot if you’re interested. Hint: We like it a lot.
Gervais was recently in the news for flubbing the pronunciation of Annie star Quvenzhane Wallis’ name and joking that he had “John Travolta moment.” Oh, and he got completely wasted at and after party.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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