Superman #37 Review: What Would Your Parents Think?

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The new all-star creative team of Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. are on fire as they manage to deliver yet another outstanding issue of Superman and wrap up their first story arch.
Last issue Ulysses promised a perfect world for the first six million people to board his ship back to his home the Fourth Dimension. This lead to a conflict between Superman and Ulysses where Superman was defeated by Ulysses rather easily after Superman started to suspect there was more to his new friend then he was letting on.  The majority of this book is all in the same scene where we see Superman shackled and restrained aboard the transport ship while he tries his best to talk Ulysses out of the mistake he is making. It has some great dialog between Superman and Ulysses and we get to learn Ulysses’ real intentions.
The best part of Superman is his human side, which most writes seem to really struggle with. Despite being an alien with godlike powers at his core he is just some kid of Kansas, and Geoff Johns really shines at this and truly gets the character. The bulk of the issue is Superman debating Ulysses about giving up on the Earth. What is great about this is Ulysses is actually a human yet he is ready to give up on Earth, while Superman may be an alien he still considers himself human and is not about to give up on his home or the human race. Superman rejects the idea that you need to sacrifice millions to save billions, and I think that really sums up what Superman is all about.
When John Romita Jr. was first announced to be taking over Superman I was pretty sad that I wasn’t going to be seeing his art in Marvel books anymore since he is one of my favorite artists, but I have to say his style combined with Superman is a match made in heaven. There really isn’t a great way to explain why other than when you look at his art it just LOOKS like a Superman comic.
With all that is currently going on in Clark’s life I’m very much looking forward to see all that this team as in store for us next.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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