Limefuel Dual Review: Blast L180X Pro Battery and Dual Port USB 4.8A Wall Charger

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I recently returned from my first ever Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  If you’ve never been to CES (or Las Vegas) you may not know that you’re going to be in for very long days.  You’ll probably take lots of pictures, and chances are good you’ll be using your phone quite a bit.  Those sorts of things kill your battery.  Limefuel was generous enough to send me a Blast L180X Pro 18,000 mAh portable battery and a Dual Port USB 4.8A Wall Charger to keep my phone ready to go while I was at CES, and they both performed admirably in their duties.



I was honestly surprised when I first saw the box for the Blast L180X Pro because of how small and light it was.  The battery itself is only slightly taller, and slightly heavier than my 13,000 mAh iBattz.  The battery has a soft, slightly rubbery covering that makes it very easy to hold and carry.  The battery has four USB outputs, a Micro USB charging input, a power button, and a flashlight which can be turned on or off by tapping the power button twice.  The power button is really only necessary for the flashlight and checking the level of the battery when it isn’t charging.  The battery features auto on and off functionality to preserve the battery.  When your devices are charged, the battery turns itself off.

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Limefuel Blast L180X Ports

The included 2-in-1 cable is a thin profile USB to Micro USB cable with an attached Lightning adapter that can be removed if you don’t need it. The cable itself is flat, and includes a cable management tie, which is a very nice touch.

Limefuel 2-in-1 USB Cable

The Dual Port USB 4.8A Wall Charger is a pretty standard square with foldaway plugs which make this adapter perfect for travel.  The plugs are out of the way so it’s definitely an easy adapter to pack.  The two USB ports surround a green LED that lights when the adapter is charging.  It’s not too horribly bright, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue for use even in a bedroom or hotel room.

Limefuel Dual USB Wall Charger


My first experience actually using the Blast L180X Pro was on the Sunday before CES officially started.  We’d been in meetings throughout the day, and we were waiting in line for CES Unveiled so I thought I’d re-fill while we weren’t doing anything.  I remembered that the documentation for the battery said that all four ports were 5V/2.4A, so I just plugged in and waited.  A short time later I saw that very little had changed, and my phone estimated that it would take 6 hours for the battery to be refilled.  Confused, I changed ports on the Limefuel battery, and was greeted with a much more reasonable timeframe of an hour and a half.  This lead me to believe that not all ports are in fact 5V/2.4A, or that at the very least not all of the 5V/2.4A ports were created equally. Curiously, on the second charge of the battery I had no such problem.  All four ports charged my Nexus 5 equally quickly.  Might’ve just been some first-use cobwebs to get out of the way.

After that early hiccup though, the Blast L180X Pro worked like a champ!  The 18,000 mAh lasted five full days of very heavy use, which is most impressive.  I had a backup battery, but really didn’t need it as the Limefuel battery handled all of my charging needs.  I guess if I really wanted to nitpick, I could ding the battery and charger because they can’t charge my ASUS Transformer, but nothing ever charges my ASUS Transformer so I can’t fault Limefuel for that.

When it finally came time to recharge, the Dual Port USB 4.8A Wall Charger was more than up to the task.  I sadly don’t have an exact time frame for the full charging process, but I plugged the battery in before going to bed (late at night) and it was fully charged by the time I got up entirely too early the next morning. You definitely won’t have problems filling your portable battery overnight with this charger. With two USB ports, you can easily save an outlet and charge your phone and battery at the same time – or your battery, your phone, and 4 devices on your battery using pass-through charging. Limefuel states that the Blast L180X Pro should last for up to 500 cycles of the battery.  I’ve obviously not been able to run through quite that much power but I’m inclined to believe them on that stat.


Limefuel Dual Review

The Blast L180X is available for $79.99 while the wall charger will set you back $16.99.  You might be able to find 18,000mAh of portable power slightly cheaper, but you’ll have a harder time finding 18,000mAh of juice with four charging ports on one battery. The Dual Wall Charger is comparably priced to other similar plugs and the compact size and foldable plug make it an easy choice too. Limefuel also gives you solid performance that won’t let you down. You’ll want to take a look at this battery if want a compact, relatively light battery with a ton of juice that can charge up to 4 of your devices at once.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the Limefuel Blast L180X Pro and Dual USB 4.8A Wall Charger for the purposes of this review.


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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