Elon Musk’s New Thing: Internet… Everywhere

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The face of the future of technology is forever changing. For a while, many would have said someone like Bill Gate or Steve Jobs, the silicon Valley whiz kids, were the revolutionaries. In the public eye, they were pushing the definition of what technology could do for us. Quietly though, Elon Musk, the dreamer of dreamers, was busy creating, and is arguably the next revolutionary face of technology in the name of man-kind. Instead of falling into to a consumerist cycle, perpetuating planned obsolescence, Musk thinks far beyond our everyday narcissism and is forging a more optimistic path towards what the human race can be.

Praising aside, Elon has been doing some pretty cool things recently. SpaceX being one, and now, along the lines of some of GoogleX’s projects, Musk wants create a truly world wide web. Musk wants to make mobile data connections faster, easier and more accessible globally. Not only this, but Musk wasn’t to create an internet pathway between Earth and Mars.  Musk’s network on Earth will be used as a revenue catalyst in order to fund the colonization of Mars. Musk has a pretty ambitious time line for this, and whether it happens according to him or otherwise, it might be sooner that we all really think. From CNET:

It looks like Musk sees his space Internet project as another way of getting him to Mars. The network would take at least five years to develop and cost around $10 billion, he told Bloomberg. Instead of sending data through a network that uses fiber optic cables, the proposed system would bounce signals from satellite to satellite.

So, whether or not we put people on Mars, by the hands of Elon or another entity, I hope that their journey will be well documented using their iPhone, and shared and compiled by Facebook, thanks to a high speed data link between our big rusty neighbor. This means means tons of self indulgent selfies #selfiesfromMars.

Featured image courtesy News Ledge

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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