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Silver Surfer #8 Review: I Judged Your World, You Passed

Norrin and Dawn have been traveling together for a while now and have grown quiet close. Dawn’s effect on the Surfer continues to grow as Norrin decides to do something nice for her, but it turns into a disaster.
This series from its start has just been an overwhelming amount of fun and happiness shoved into twenty pages each month. Dan Slott’s ability to invent lovable characters seems to have no limit since Dawn is an all new character introduced in issue one and I already care about her more then characters I have been following for years. The book is very charming as always, and has that great Dr. Who vibe. Mike and Laura Allred’s art is just perfect for this series and really bring these characters to life.
This issue starts out on a bit of a morbid note with a funeral for some random alien who is the last of his kind on a planet called New Haven, which kind of gives you a hint at where this might be going since they have been teasing around it for a while now. It then cuts away to Dawn sleeping on the Surfer’s board while he tries to think of something nice to do for her. He decides to let her fly the board and she is really enjoying it until she crashes into a planet, which in her defense “came out of nowhere.” It turns out the planet they land on is New Haven which is inhabited with the survivors of dead worlds that were devoured by Galactus. This leads to Dawn finally learning the truth about the Silver Surfer’s past, and her reaction is really painful to read. Dawn is such a happy sweet person seeing her so sad really just makes you, the reader, so sad as well.
Based off the last page things are sure to get even more complicated for Norrin and Dawn very soon. This book is a delight each and every issue and I highly recommend picking it up. I never thought that I would be rooting so hard for a relationship that involved the Silver Surfer, but this new human side of Norrin is really compelling and adding a ton of depth to the character.

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