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Podcasts have really taken off in the last few years, allowing millions of listeners to get updates on the topics they love the most both regularly and easily. We’ve gathered a list of the top 10 geeky podcasts – in no particular order – the best of the best!
These podcasts, their hosts, and production teams put in the effort it takes to be considered excellent, and there’s a little something for everyone. Click on the cover art for each podcast to visit their respective websites, and subscribe to your favorites!

Current Geek

current-geek-logoAvailable on the FrogPants Studios Network, hosts Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt, along with their weekly guests, cover a wide variety of topics in geek and pop culture. They have industry-leading guests on for deep discussion about the week’s news and a good laugh. Aside from the news portion, guests are subjected to a pop quiz about some of their favorite geek topics, and the Forecast segment leads to hilarious ruminations on the future of technology.


geekdays-logoOnly have ten minutes to catch up on what’s new in geekdom? Breki Tomasson delivers the must-know science, tech, and pop culture headlines in bite-sized weekday installments via the CSICON Network’s Geekdays.

Nintendo Dads

Nintendo-Dads-logoA newcomer to the podcast scene, Nintendo Dads is a weekly show focused on everything Nintendo. Nintendo Dads hosts and fathers Justin, Zach, and Jesse talk about price points, discuss Nintendo news, and review the latest titles available on Nintendo platforms. Though it’s a young podcast, the content quality is very high, and the Nintendo Dads have a great rapport with each other that creates a great show for everyone listening.

The Instance

the-instance-logoIf World of Warcraft is your addiction, the award-winning podcast The Instance is exactly what you need to keep up with the latest WoW developments. Scott Johnson and various guest hosts break down what’s new in patch updates, who’s breaking records in WoW, and answer a slew of caller and email questions.

Major Spoilers

Major-Spoilers-logoStephen, Rodrigo, Matthew, and Zach review comic books and discuss the comic industry at large. They cover the latest releases, successes, and failures, while reminiscing on their childhood comic favorites and how they shaped their lives and the present-day industry.

Sword & Laser

sword-and-laser-logoTom Merritt and Veronica Belmont host a podcast based around their Goodreads science fiction and fantasy book club by the same name. Segments include Quick Burns (news), Calendar, Bare Your Sword (listener feedback), and Book Discussion, which is focused on dissecting the book of the month. If you’re a scifi and fantasy bibliophile, this is the show for you!


DLC-logoEvery week, hosts Jeff Cannata and Christian Spicer analyze every aspect of the gaming industry. Topics covered include both video and tabletop gaming news and reviews, as well as industry expert guests, live phone calls, and more.

Just Japan Podcast

just-japan-podcast-logoIf you geek out about everything Japan, this is hands down the best, and most consistently updated, podcast on Japanese culture and customs. Uploaded weekly, host Kevin O’Shea usually interviews long-term expats and experts on Japanese culture and to find out the inside scoop about everything from being an assistant language teacher to fast food in Japan.


fw-thinking-logoHave you ever wondered what the future will be like when everyone has implants? How about the ethical arguments for and against implants? Hosts Jonathan Strickland, Lauren Vogelbaum, and Joe McCormick discuss all that and more! If you love science, technology, space, and dreaming about the future, get in on this HowStuffWorks podcast.

Nerd Parents

Nerd-Parents-logoNicole and Mark Spagnuolo, Kerry Chai, Eric Mahler, and Matthew Peterson are regular hosts on this show about geeky, nerdy parents raising geeky, nerdy children. Want to teach your kids values by embracing both Star Wars and Star Trek? Then Nerd Parents is for you.
What are some of your favorite geeky podcasts? Do you like any of the ones we’ve listed here? If we missed any that you love, recommend them in the comments section down below!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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