Krown Case iPhone 6 Review: The New Case On The Block

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The smartphone case market is certainly well supplied these days, especially the iPhone case market. There is certainly not shortage of manufactures trying to get your attention in one way or the other. New kid on the block, Krown Case, is trying to make a splash with their new Premium cover for the iPhone 6 and we give it a once over here in our Krown Case iPhone 6 review.


Krown’s design immediately brought me to thoughts of the iPhone 4 and 4s. Its blocky look and feel give it the old slab aura and that’s not a bad thing. The iPhone 6 is a slippery phone with the new curled edges and slick aluminum it’s hard to handle. Having a case with a defined edge gives the phone extra gripability and you feel you have more control over the device with the case on. The outer shell of the Krown Premium is aluminium while the inner shell is your basic plastic used by most other case manufacturers. All of the buttons are easily accessible and the lightning port and headphone jack are wide open.  Krown’s logo is subtle placed on the bottom right of the case and adds a nice touch without being overbearing. Overall it’s a nice design, really like how it gives it the 4/4s look.

Function and Protection

The Krown Premium is what I would call mid-range protection for your iPhone 6. It’s far from being an Otterbox or LifeProof case but it’s also not a simple TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) cover. The aluminum back cover is pretty solid and can take a good fall, protecting your device very well, the inner liner also acts as a bumper for some shock protection. The case wraps around the edges but stops short of covering the top and bottom of the device. Krown opted to leave the bottom and top open, this gives you unfettered access to the lightning port and headphone jack and keeps the microphones clear, but it does leave the top and bottom free of protection as well. The case fits nice and snug on the iPhone 6 and I never felt as if the case would pop off if the device did fall. Overall I think the Krown Premium would do well in protecting the average iPhone 6, no worries for those folks. However, this is not the case for those who are tough on their phones. If you’re looking for rugged then look elsewhere, if you’re looking for stylish good looks with mid-range protection, then Krown is one case maker you might look at.


I would recommend Krown cases for mid-range protection, the price tag for the Krown Premium is $24.95 slightly on the higher end of similar cases so you’ll have to judge for yourself on value. Krown does offer a 30-day warranty exchange if something goes wrong with your case. Krown also offers a second more slim but less protective case called the “Ultra-Thin” which costs $16.95 and is super slim. I’d recommend the Premium over the Ultra-Thin but that’s mostly because I like at least mid-range protection in a phone case. Krown is just kicking off and they’re off to a decent start, probably just a little work to do but with some effort, they’ll be a case maker to watch.

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*We were sent a review unit of Krown Cases for the purposes of this review

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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