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Under the direction of CEO John Legere, T-Mobile has sought to shake up the mobile industry with their Uncarrier movement.  We’ve talked about some of these initiatives before, and Mr. Legere has promised that Magenta won’t stop in their effort to eliminate pain points for consumers.  T-Mobile SCORE! is the next step in this process, offering consumers free or discounted phones all for an extra $5 per month.

There are two levels of the SCORE! system – 6 months, and 12 months.  Every 6 months that a subscriber is enrolled in SCORE! they are able to select a free 4G phone offered by T-Mobile.  This isn’t going to be a powerhouse by any means (the current example model is Alcatel Onetouch Evolve2, for example), but for a combined donation of $30, that’s not a horrible trade.

Free Options for T-Mobile SCORE!
Free Options for T-Mobile SCORE!

Subscribers willing to wait for a year are rewarded for their patience.  For the $60 that you’d spend per line on the SCORE! program, you can get discounts on a larger selection of T-Mobile’s line of smartphones.  For example, current offers include a 32gb Nexus 6 for $499, $150 off of the current $649 price. Not too shabby getting an additional $90 off (you’ve already paid $60, remember) for a Nexus 6.  Other current offers include a Samsung Galaxy S5 for $510, or a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for $599.  Some conditions apply, as each phone is listed in a specific color or style.  If you aren’t too picky about the color of your phone (or intend to put a case on it anyway) this could be a decent way to save a few bucks on your next phone by giving T-Mobile some free money up front.

Current SCORE! options for discounted phones
Current SCORE! options for discounted phones

Either way, as soon as you redeem your SCORE! status (after 6 or 12 months) your tenure restarts, so you can’t get a free phone at six months and then a discount six months later.

So are you going to sign up for SCORE!? Let us know in the comments or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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