New Louis CK Stand-Up Special Live At The Comedy Store Available For $5


After being forced to cancel his tour date at the Madison Square Garden on Monday due to the media-titled “historic” storm, Louis CK shot out an update email to his fans. The email, which goes to all of those who are subscribed to his mailing list, was full of the typical random tangents and crude straight-forward information. It let fans know about his upcoming appearance on Letterman as well as the development of his latest hour-long stand-up special Live at the Comedy Store.

Well, I made another standup special. It’s called “Louis CK Live at the Comedy Store”. You can buy it right now on my website,, for 5 dollars, all over the world. Here’s the link. I hope this is well timed for some of you who are stranded by the storm in the North East of America.

The release email came at about 10am PST, with an extremely large follow-up email explaining the context of this new special and where it fits into his comedy career. He cites early comedy influences such as Richard Pryor and preaches about nightclubs/comedy clubs as the true birthplace and living space of comedy; giving explanation to the venue of where he filmed this new special.

Louie Live at the Comedy Store, and in his natural state of being.
Louie Live at the Comedy Store, and in his natural state of being.
You can find the contents of his massive follow-up email transcribed here if you’re not subscribed to his mailing list, which if you’re not and you’re a fan of Louie it would be highly advised that you do. All emails are written straight from his devices, and are a great combination of informative and absurd.
Louis CK also uploads all of his owned material, raw and DRM-free on his website, for that same price of $5. In addition, tickets to all of his upcoming tour dates so customers aren’t forced to deal with inconvenient fees through services such as Ticketmaster. Fans can also find a special from fellow-comedian Todd Berry as well as an audio album of CK’s “Word” comedy tour.
This is Louis’ sixth comedy special, and the fourth that he has made available on his website for the same flat digital price of $5.
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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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