Fall Asleep To The Docile Tones Of Jeff Bridges With His New Spoken Word Album


Jeff Bridges and Squarespace have teamed up to release a new spoken world album that aims to help you sleep and fight world hunger at the same time. Part Squarespace advertisement and part charity effort, “Jeff’s Sleeping Tapes” is a real album that exists and can be purchased right now – 100% of the profits from which go straight to No Kid Hungry.
All 15 sleep-inducing tracks are also available for free on the Dreaming With Jeff website, if you want a taste of the sweet heaven your ears are about to be in. It’s full of calming ambient noises, and several little pick-me-up phrases from Bridges giving you encouragement or gently waking you up in the morning. It’s a shame they didn’t utilize true ASMR (which would have him getting really close up to the mic and whispering), the whole thing is still pretty great regardless. When you decide that you can’t go another second of your life without owning the album and must buy it, you also have several options.
The easiest and most straight-forward method is to pay what you want and download the album digitally, with whatever you pay being donated straight to No Kid Hungry. There is also the option for a $20 cassette, a $50 180-gram vinyl LP plate, and a $200 limited edition 180-gram golden vinyl plate with a terrifying album lining. For the real fans of The Dude out there, an auction is also up for grabs to win one of five gold vinyl copies signed by Bridges himself. If you choose a physical media option, no matter which one, you’ll be waiting for a bit as they are still only listed as pre-order, with no release date available.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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