Uken Studios Announces Titans – A Fresh Take On Card Battle Games

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Card-based games have definitely seen a resurgence lately.  Games like Magic: The Gathering have paved the way for new and exciting takes on the card-based battle games.  A new entrant comes to us today from Canadian developer Uken Studios: Titans.
In Titans, you play as a Master Alchemist, and create your army using the game’s crafting system. You can check out the promo video for the game below, and read the full Press Release after that.  Titans is available for iOS devices today, with an Android version coming soon.  Keep an eye on MOARGeek for a full review of Titans in the near future.
Update: Titans is available on Android now!  You can find it on the Play store. Titans is still available for iOS on iTunes.
You can read the full Press Release below:


Uken Studios announced today that its newest mobile game, Titans, is now available on the iPhone® and iPad® for free. Based on an original IP, Titans is an epic real-time card battler that thrusts players into a fantasy world where a kingdom has been conquered by the armies of a war hungry nation. As players take the role of a Master Alchemist, they must create their own army to fight back. Their weapon is the Titan – an enormous living creature formed from a wide range of inanimate materials like stone, ice or dark matter.
To take a fresh approach to the card battle game genre, Uken has focused on two core game mechanics: a rewarding and intuitive crafting system, in addition to a competitive real-time multiplayer system.
In Titans, players quest through 15 map areas to discover more than 100 unique materials that they can use to craft Titans.  Unlike other games where crafting often seems out of place – where fighting units are somehow thrown together and a stronger unit is the product -Titans has built a storyline around their crafting system that works in which giving nod to Golem mythology, materials from the natural world fuse together through alchemy to create immortal warriors.
“When we decided to create Titans, we knew that we wanted to improve on the character progression system in card games today,” said Chris Ye, founder of Uken Studios. “We think we have achieved this by making a hard distinction between Titans and Materials so that it’s easier for players to understand the game and start crafting and enhancing their units right away.”
Titans also features a real-time PVP mode called “War” where players use decks of 20 Titans to face off against other alchemists in the realm.  “We were tired of seeing the same asynchronous battle systems that a lot of RPG and Card games have,” added Chris. “We hope that War will add an additional layer of excitement and strategy that appeals to hard-core and mid-core fans.” Players will have to decide the composition of Titans they bring into battle, as well as when the best time is to use specific tactic cards to change the flow of the game.
Titans is now available on the App Store for free. You can download the game at Titans will also be launching soon on Android™ devices. For more information on Titans, please visit
About Uken Studios
Founded in 2009, Uken Studios has grown to become one of the leading mobile game studios in Canada. In 2014, they were ranked 13th on Deloitte’s Fast 500 Technology Companies in North America.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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