Amzer Crusta Review: iPhone 6 Plus

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Well here I go again with yet another case review for the iPhone 6 Plus, there are still a lot more to come too! This time around I got my hands on an Amzer Crusta and it is a beastly glass case for your phone, yes glass. So let’s get on with the Amzer Crusta Review.

Function and Protection

I’m kicking off the review with function and protection, I usually start off with design but we’re mixing it up a bit. As I said in the intro the Amzer Crusta is a beast. If you’re looking for a slim case that’s going to add very little bulk to your iPhone 6 Plus, this is not it. The Crusta is definitely going to bulk up your phone a whole lot and honestly, if you’re looking at the Crusta, you already know that. The Crusta is one of those heavy duty protection cases meant for those who are a bit harder and more rugged on their devices than the rest of us. Amzer calls the Crusta a first of its kind by referring to the protection it offers as a multi-layer system.

AMZER Crusta™ is a first* of its kind multilayered smartphone case, consisting of four functional layers made of high quality material. Each layer has a unique protective function. Crusta™’s 4­ layer protection is a result of months of research & development with actual users. Crusta™ is not only great for protecting your smartphone, it is also great for adding the overtone of style, color and oomph to your smartphone. With Crusta™ you are spoilt for choice, you can suit your style and pick your favorite colors out of the 42 exciting color combinations. With Crusta™ you get our Edge2Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector as well as a 360o Holster making Crusta™ a true all rounder. Crusta™ is your smartphone’s protective companion for daily rumble and tumble as well as for some off beat adventure. Crusta™ provides unmatched tri-functional protection without compromising on style or functionality unlike any other smartphone case in the market. Click here for the full skinny.

The Crusta is going to give you some serious protection, both front and back are covered in tempered glass and the rest is covered in a tough black plastic covered with a TPU material. I have no doubt this thing will take care of your device. I’m also fairly certain that if dropped a certain way, you could break the tempered glass, which is not a big deal because its doing its job of protecting the phone. But that is something to be aware of, if the Crusta takes a hard spill, the glass could break. You shouldn’t have any worry about dropping your phone while it’s in this case. The raised lip on the front and back of the case also does a good job of elevating the screen and back off flat surfaces. The Crusta also comes with a belt clip for those who like to keep their phones at the hip. I really see this case working well for construction workers, fire fighters and even police officers.


The Crusta isn’t the most elegant case on the market but it’s also not looking to be. The glass front and back show off the iPhone’s nice design to a certain extent but the black snap on and TPU cover tend to take over and the iPhone design gets lost. The Crusta is thick – noticeably thick. If you already have problems working the 6 Plus one handed, this will add to your woes. But you just need to ask yourself, is it worth that protection? I would say the Crusta is on par with thickness and bulk as other cases in its class.

Amzer did a great job of keeping the tactile feel to the power and volume rocker, I had no issues working them at all. They even covered up the vibration toggle and managed to keep it usable even when covered. The ports on the bottom have dust covers which was a nice touch, although I can see these wearing down if you keep this case on for a long time. Overall the design is utilitarian and rugged, then add on the belt clip and you’re talking massive rugged mountain man territory. The Crusta design is going to be a love it or hate thing for many.


I’d recommend the Crusta if you’re looking for beefy protection at the possible cost of replacing the case if you drop it and the glass breaks. Its design isn’t for those who are looking for something sexy but then huge cases are very rarely ever sexy. The glass front and back is a nice touch from Amzer, trying to give great protection yet somewhat keeping the look of the iPhone. I’d say the Crusta should be on your short list if you’re looking for heavy duty protection. You can pick it up at Amazon for $44.99.

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*We were sent a review unit of the Amzer Crusta for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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